Hausfrau Magazine's Deep Dish Cabaret is a variety show with an emphasis on alternative comedy, and inclusive of burlesque, performance art, and music.

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An underground cabaret in New York City features some of the zaniest and unpredictable performers the Big Apple has to offer. Call it performance art, call it comedy, call it offensive, call it nuts, but one thing is certain — it’s unique.
— L.A. Times
I am wearing an apron and nothing else as I blow colored-milk bubbles. In a special appearance, writer Anthony Haden-Guest is cackling and cooing over my shoulder wearing a clown-suit. Hey, it’s performance art.
— Time Out, "Best of New York"
This is the kind of underground event you thought you’d find more of in New York City. A nonstop, soul-searching performance party hosted in an enormous loft on the second floor of a barely marked building that looks hours away from demolition.
— The Village Voice