Stephen Kosloff
Stephen Kosloff has written for The New York Times, Gawker, The Awl, Gizmodo, Splitsider, Time Out New York, The New York Post, and other publications. His photographs have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, The Daily Mail, Gawker, The Awl, Gizmodo, Paper, Time Out New York, and Splitsider.

John Merriman
Content expert
John M is a copywriter and comedy person.

Madeline Maser
Associate editor and illustrator

Caroline Tobin
Arts editor

Sammy De Lima
Advertising sales

Japan Smith
Human resources specialist
Japan Smith is a real son of a gun and embraces an active, modern lifestyle.

Melissa Brabham
Editorial assistant
Writing and comedy enthusiast from Long Island. But don't let her day job know that.
Follow her @simplymelisss.

Aissata Richards